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We’re beyond excited to announce that an artifact from our Traveling Museum of the Paranormal & Occult is the lead story in the season premiere of Travel Channel’s Mysteries at the Museum, premiering this Thursday!

We’ve been big fans of Mysteries at the Museum for years (and fans of host Don Wildman since his Weird Travels days), so when the series reached out about featuring our museum in an episode, we were on board before they even finished the pitch. After fifteen seasons, the show was finally going to tackle the infamous Amityville Horror case, and they wanted our help to recount the tale.

The nice thing about running a museum built for traveling the country is that you can set up anywhere, so last fall we put on a rare exhibition right here in Cincinnati just for the Travel Channel crew. The result is the “The Amityville Haunting”, the season sixteen premiere of Mysteries at the Museum, airing Thursday, February 9th, at 10PM EST.

The segment centers around the infamous house at 112 Ocean Avenue, the site of a haunting which was investigated by everyone from Hans Holzer to Ed and Lorraine Warren. The Lutzes’ tale of their harrowing 28 days in the Amityville home, during which they were tortured by supernatural forces, spawned numerous books and over a dozen films, but to this day, doubts about the true nature of the paranormal activity linger.

Our roving display of haunted artifacts, the Traveling Museum of the Paranormal & Occult, has an actual wooden plank from the Amityville house in its collection, an artifact which made the perfect entry point for Mysteries at the Museum to cover the most infamous haunted house in American history.

Be sure to set your DVR for the episode featuring Greg Newkirk, then check out our Traveling Museum of the Paranormal & Occult exhibition dates to find out where you can hold and investigate the Amityville artifacts for yourself!