When they’re not investigating the paranormal, Greg Newkirk and Dana Matthews travel to events across the country to personally share their weirdest experiences through a series of interactive paranormal lectures that combine hands-on demonstrations, audience participation, and never-before-seen footage from their adventures. Each lecture is tailored to help guests engage the strange, whether it be getting abducted by aliens, spending a weekend with real-life vampires, or even harnessing your own psychic powers with a little bit of help from the United States government.

Keep scrolling for a detailed list of mind-blowing lectures offered by Planet Weird.

BONUS: Every Planet Weird lecture includes a limited-edition collectible souvenir for every guest!

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Planet Weird’s Traveling Museum:


In addition to providing mind-bending interactive paranormal lectures, Greg and Dana also offer guests the opportunity to experience Planet Weird’s Traveling Museum of the Paranormal and the Occult, a hands-on display of some of the most fascinating artifacts collected from their nearly four decades of combined supernatural adventures.

Come see an actual Bigfoot cast collected from the famous Patterson-Gimlin film site in 1967! Marvel at an engraved human skull used in ancient occult blood-drinking rituals! Touch a piece of the actual Amityville Horror house! Oh yeah, and did we mention we’ll let you take selfies with any piece of the museum you want? At your own risk, of course.

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Weirdly Interactive Lectures:



On a rainy evening in late October of 2011, the Planet Weird team found themselves the subject of a close encounter with beings from another planet. A quest to get abducted by aliens had quickly gone from a joke about anal probes to one of the scariest experiences we’d ever been through.

Our journey in search of contact with extraterrestrials had started with a series of strange photographs sent to us by a mysterious source, the first bread crumbs along a trail that led us deep into the mountains of North Carolina to an alien abduction hot spot where sightings of anomalous lights have mystified both skeptics and believers for centuries.

Our experiment was successful. Incredibly, terrifyingly successful.

How to Get Abducted By Aliens not only gives a detailed account of Planet Weird’s fascinating alien abduction experiment, complete with top secret video footage of the event, but we’ll show you how and where to arrange your own abduction…but after seeing the raw footage, you might think twice.

WARNING: While we’re keen to show you how we successfully instigated an extraterrestrial abduction, we absolutely, positively do not recommend that you actually try it for yourself. Trust us, you don’t want that kind of baggage. If you really need to get probed, head to Craigslist.



Two Decades With the Dead: The Scariest Ghost Evidence You've Never Seen

Greg and Dana have been actively seeking the strange since 1998, and in that time have amassed an incredible collection of stunning paranormal evidence that doesn’t just point to life beyond the grave, it’s turned skeptics into believers. In Two Decades With the Dead: The Scariest Ghost Evidence You’ve Never Seen, the duo dive deep into the Planet Weird archives to present a hand-picked selection of creepy ghost hunting evidence you won’t see anywhere else.

From spine-tingling audio recordings of disembodied voices, to unexplained photographs of ghostly apparitions, to terrifying video footage of genuine attacks by supernatural forces, this interactive multimedia lecture combines rarely-seen evidence from decades of hair-raising paranormal investigations with a lighthearted approach to the unexplained wholly unique to Planet Weird.

In addition to sharing untold tales of supernatural adventures across North America, together, Dana’s experiences as researcher and lead investigator for The Girly Ghosthunters and Greg’s own background in video production offer unique insights into the paranormal film and television craze not often explored or discussed.

Whether they’re laughing at the accounts of ghost hunts gone bad, or gripping their seats in terror during paranormal evidence reveals, Two Decades With the Dead: The Scariest Ghost Evidence You’ve Never Seen is a fun and frightening interactive experience that audiences won’t soon forget.




In recent years, the search for Sasquatch has become more popular than ever, thanks to countless television shows, movies, and hoaxes dedicated to the big hairy dude. At this point, most of us are familiar with the legends, history, and tracking techniques most popularly used by Bigfoot trackers, but the results have always left a bit to be desired.

After a handful unsuccessful, yet incredibly dangerous expeditions into forests of New York with the infamous shotgun-wielding cryptozoologist featured in The Bigfoot Hunter: Still Searching, we made a last-ditch effort to track down Bigfoot, and instead headed deep into the mountains of West Virginia… where we found him. Turns out, you just need to speak his language. Literally.

In this interactive, multi-media lecture, we’ll take audience members on an Bigfoot adventure that makes use of actual evidence, exclusive video footage, and an encounter that proves you shouldn’t be afraid to try things a little differently. Okay, maybe a lot differently. Chances are, looking a little bit silly is all that stands between you and proof of the unexplained.




We’re always chasing down the paranormal and rifling through our old case files, and as a result, we’ve got an endless supply of material perfect for interactive presentations. In the coming months there will be even more unique lectures popping up, including talks on how to create your own ghosts, using magic(k) for fun and profit, and the highly-anticipated evidence reveal from a case four years in the making: The Return of the Kentucky Goblins.

As always, we’re willing to tailor a talk for your specific event, so if you’ve got something you’d love to hear us talk about, feel free to shoot us and email and we’ll whip up something that’ll make your toes curl.

To book a Planet Weird lecture for your event, drop us a line.

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