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Hellier, Planet Weird’s first documentary series, has been out for nearly a month, and we wanted to take a moment to thank you for watching and supporting the series’ initial run. Hellier has garnered rave reviews, been featured on too many podcasts and news programs to count, been hashtagged in thousands of tweets, and collected hundreds of thousands of views – a remarkable achievement for what started off as a passion project. This has been one of the wildest months of our lives, we’ve been blown away by the reception the project has received.

Hellier was always about bridging the gaps between different aspects of the paranormal, presenting our investigation in a thoughtful and artistic way, and taking the viewer through the ups and downs of real research. For those reasons, it was so important to release Hellier how we did: online and free. We wanted to prove that there were people out there – people like you – who were ready and excited to see something that challenged paranormal-based entertainment while working the mind. You proved us right, and it’s been rewarding to see those conversations begin in tweets, comment sections, and social media posts all over the internet.


Over the course of a year, Hellier was created by a small handful of people handled everything from filming, to scoring, to editing, to releasing, all on a shoestring budget and without payment. When completed, the entire series was released on as many platforms as possible in the hopes of reaching you. Now that it has, we have have some news to share:

Hellier was only a prologue. We’ve been at this for a year and a half since episode five. Hellier: Season Two is coming.

As we head into the next critical phase of Hellier’s life, one that includes production on a bigger, more expansive second season, we’re reaching out to ask for help in continuing our mission. Here’s how you can help Hellier: