With its sensitive-yet-spooky take on ghost hunting, Kindred Spirits, the new hit TLC series that follows the investigations of Ghost Hunters‘ alum Amy Bruni and Adam Berry, has quickly become the number one paranormal reality series on television. Now, Greg and Dana are joining an episode to help crack a spooky case of ghostly harassment.

Airing November 18th at 10/9c on TLC (with a bonus edition airing on Destination America shortly after), this particularly interesting episode of Kindred Spirits sees Amy and Adam investigating the New England home of frightened woman in the midst of paranormal activity. When her home security system captured unexplained voices so terrifying that she had to leave her house, the duo reach out to their colleagues, paranormal researchers Greg Newkirk and Dana Matthews, for advice on haunted objects. What follows is a stunning confirmation from the other side.

This is one episode of Kindred Spirits you don’t want to miss!

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